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About Hairy Scary Evolutions
The Hairy Scary Evolutions primary mission is to take the ordinary, everyday person, male or female of any age, on extraordinary adventures. Recognizing the impact that extreme sports have on the human psyche, Hairy Scary Evolutions founder Jono Senk created the EDGE System to provide situations for individuals to push beyond their self-limiting comfort zones. With a foundation in extreme sports, adventure racing and paramedicine, Hairy Scary Evolutions integrates these principles through tailored training evolutions for individuals and groups.

EDGE stands for "Evaluate, Decide, Go, Evolve". The EDGE System is a proven method of overcoming personal obstacles, shattering limitations, and achieving success in the face of adversity. Using an unconventional, high-impact approach to personal training and coaching, Hairy Scary Evolutions shows individuals that their own potential, physically and mentally, is absolutely limitless.

The EDGE System: Evaluate. Decide. Go. EVOLVE!
Team Hairy Scary

Congratulations to Team Hairy Scary for their amazing 2nd place finish at the Gold Rush Adventure Race. This finish qualifies them for the USARA National Championbships of Adventure Racing - to be held in October in Blue Ridge GA.
Check out the race report here

Jono rappells the falls

Congratulations to Team Black Dome for their amazing 2nd place finish under hellish frozen conditions at the Check Point Zero Adventure Race. Jono was their last minute support Beeeotch and helped chip the ice off their bikes and in between their toes to keep them going!!!

The weather and race course was another Tony "Bad Weather" Berwald monster piece. Visit Black Dome's website at www.blackdome.com

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are looking for professional, high-profile, exposure through sponsorship of an event or team, Hairy Scary Evolutions can provide the Perfect PR Solution for your advertising dollars.

Our company website, www.hairyscaryevolutions.com ,generates between 150,000-300,000 unique hits a month depending on the season, so we can offer a great amount of exposure to product and service vendors as well as race organizers to advertise their event. All of our racers and instructors are World Class racers that are high profile, very well-spoken ambassadors of the service, product, or manufacturer who is sponsoring them.

Hairy Scary Racers have been sponsored by Balance Bar, Kenda Tires, Snickers Marathon Energy Bars, Pro-Sport, Salomon as well as many others in the outdoor adventure industry. We have featured in CNN Headline news, CBS Sports, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and many other national and international media outlets.

If you are interested in this type of exposure to your product, service or event please contact jonosenk@msn.com or call 770-355-4950.

Congratulations to Team Hairy Scary Evolutions/Tally Hofor their 1st place victory in the Elite 4 Person Coed Team category of Florida Coast 2 Coast. Read the race report here.

Hairy Scary Instructor Paul Cox Leads team Hairy Scary Evolutions/Explorer/Tally Ho! to another big victory at 2005 Fall Smokey Mountain Adventure Race.

Also conquering the Florida Coast 2 Coast, instructor Bryan Goble came in 3rd place with team ASM Southeast and instructor Sam Council came in 1st place in the 2-person coed division.

Victorious congratulations also go to Hairy Scary Instructor I Ling Matthews for leading Team Misguided made up of Atlanta area racers Shelly Pitman, John Jacobs, and Kevin Tillman for their awsome 2nd place finish at the PHEAR Adventure Race in West Virginia.

Photo Left: Team Hairy Scary Captain Jon Barker relaxes after his 1st place win at Florida Coast 2 Coast. View other pictures at photos.

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