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Gold Rush Adventure Race - 2nd Place

The run on the pavement about killed my calves and this is why we do AR - so we don’t have to run on pavement. I totally understand – with a utility pole being down and all… But that would have made an interesting obstacle to navigate around. And at least we would have seen it - not like the stings from the yellow jackets that have us all itching various places of our body.

We made it to the yellow river and had to put on our PFD as Snickers and us had to swim across. The rest of the nav to YMCA was pretty straight forward. Lisa - no worries on clearing the spiders for you. Did anyone else see that HUGE tree that literally looked like it had just come down?  

We got to the inlet across from YMCA and donned our PFD's and swam across and got there right as Endurventure was leaving.

The night paddle was pretty uneventful but it was fun to try and pick your way around the lake. We were pulling into Macedonia as Lisa, Neal & Bo were swimming. Yeah Neal that was me that called out to you.

We screwed up on the swim, and ended up... well we weren’t at the boat ramp. Finally made it to the boat ramp then up to the TA for food etc.. We left there in fourth place however we were in second before the nav goof on the swim.

We got the trek/swim points pretty easily. I did get tired of swimming, tore my feet up something bad. Got out of the water and hit Cottage Road Way point around dawn. Then got back into the water after a short trek and swam across the main channel.

We were with BD and Squirrels at that point trading places. Squirrels did get ahead of us. I did see some interesting goings on, on the top of a certain pontoon/party boat… a little “interaction” between 2 people on the top deck… Did anyone else see that!? It was a little early in the morning for my eyes to be seeing that.

Then we swam/trekked and complained our way up to Stamp/Boston Creek and caught up with BD and Squirrels. (And saving Tim's @ss from Squirrels as he left his shoe floating in water and was by this point 100 meters ahead of it.)

We hit Boston creek pretty easily. Saw a snake, and got a little jumpy. We were cruising with several teams through the Fields of Dreams. (dreaming of where the heck the CP 12 was) We followed some trail, then another and yet another - only to be nailed by yellow jackets, which made us all scatter. We finally found 13 on a 'old dirt road' hmmmmm…. Don’t remember seeing a lot of dirt on that road at the beginning. By now we were with BD and John (solo) and just trying to get to the road. We finally got there and saw all of the people walking the same way. At this point we thought we were 3rd/4th as we knew Squirrels were ahead of us, but only by a little. We were hearing stories of other teams getting plucked or told to bugger off the 1st part of the trek/swim section. As we moved to Pine Log, we started doing the math on how long we had to go. Time management is what screwed us last year on this race. Dwight, Kylie and I had a goal this year of amongst other things... THAT NOT HAPPENING AGAIN!!!

We TA'd at Pine Log and left there by 2.15  - already agreeing that we needed to be out of there and on the road to Macedonia (not biking out of P/L)by 5.15pm. Therefore this determined what we could get. 15 etc was immediately blown off b/c of memories from last year and looking at the terrain. The baseball sized gravel... is not cool to bike on… So we went for a little circuit of 18-19-20 and 21 and were on the road to 22/TA/Canoes by 5pm. we were happy. The heat was brutal – so we had no shame in walking some of those hills. We hiked into 20 and it was there when were went in. Just after Lisa.

When we went into P/L we took our running shoes. for the opportunity to change to run into some CP's - but we never used them... well never used them at P/L but looking back it brought a smile to our face when we got to Macedonia and heard the news - we would be able to run to A & B in running shoes. YES!!!

We made the paddle pretty easily and then set out to get B 1st. Yes Neal - you owe us. I know you are good for your word... You are but a Kiwi brother - so you have to be. if could snap my fingers it would be "Speights Old Dark", but anything dark will be fine.

After B, we trotted back to finish line to relax and eat, drink and be merry.

Thanks to Dwight & Kylie... awesome team mates as always. Kylie, we didn’t need to pull out the jokes in the night, save them for next time. Thanks for working with us and us with you, Chris. it was fun.

All in all - Tough Race!!! and the heat was brutal… As I walk outside, now, I think, “$hit are you serious, we were out in this!?” Having raced the Odyessy One Day, last weekend, set me up well. But now, really buggered.

Watch out for the Hairy Scary!!!