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Martin Strong: Military Analyst, Motivational Speaker and Author
Marty Strong is a decorated combat veteran with over thirty special operations missions to his credit. His operational experience spans the spectrum of United States special operations regional responsibilities. He is a tactical expert in artic, desert, mountain, jungle and urban warfare. In addition he is a fully qualified mini-submarine pilot and navigator. Marty holds a BBA in business administration and a Masters degree in business management.

Marty worked his way up the ranks from seaman recruit to Task Unit Commander and retired after twenty years in the Navyís elite SEAL teams with thirty percent disability. A natural leader and motivator, he regularly gives inspirational lectures to people seeking a smarter path to success. Marty has streamlined his personal philosophy for achievement by developing his Front Sight Focus system. Itís Martyís belief that excellence is only achieved through thorough planning, hard work and an unrelenting focus on success. He truly lives by the motto; itís not what you say, itís what you do!

Marty is the author of the exciting new SEAL novel Death Before Dawn.

He is completing the action packed sequel to Death Before Dawn and has co-authored a fitness book entitled The Navy SEAL Guide To Health and Nutrition. Marty has just completed work on the screenplay Messiah, a new feature length religious thriller.

In addition to his fiction work, Marty has kept pace with the monumental events shaping our world today. His insightful and passionate website newsletters serve as heartfelt editorials from a professional warrior. He is a regular on the FOX News show "FOX and Friends" and appears on other national shows speaking plain talk about the role of U.S. military power and the strategic and tactical application of that power.

Requests for TV appearances and public lectures should be e-mailed to frontsight93@yahoo.com.

For more information on SpecOps training and deployment, visit Martin Strong's site at Sealstrike.com.

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