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"A Beautiful Death"
Bob Becker, PH.D
President of Becker Multimedia in Atlanta


I met Jono Senk at the Explorers Club. Jono trains people who seek a "beautiful death." You know the type: Army Rangers, Green Berets, Navy SEALs. Guys who would rather die than quit.

As Jono talked about training Superman, I remembered John Krakauer's unrequited passion for the awesome north face of Eiger. Clinging to a sheer black wall thousands of feet above nothing, his picks and crampons scraping a quarter inch of slowly melting ice sheathing an evil skin of rotten rock, Krakauer lost his nerve. He turned back. He had the skill and strength to advance. He knew the route. He had knowledge and vast experience. But convinced of his imminent death, he went down instead of up.

A new lifetime companion was waiting at the foot of Eiger's north face: regret.

Jono cannot fathom regret. Regret is the offal of a mind that wants more than it grasps. Regret is longing for the summit, but never wanting it bad enough to get there. There's a fearful whirlpool between aspiration and regret that can drag even a mighty warrior into failure.

For trainers like Jono though, failure is not an option. Aspiration is a cover for weakness; a back door for the people Donald Trump scorns as "losers." From this vantage point, there is no worthy dream of Eiger. There is only the mountain, the climber, and the raw fact of accomplishment.

To prepare people for extreme accomplishment, Jono's methods are different from most corporate training. We train people to do something, He trains people to do anything. And therein lies the magic of his military concept, "Training Evolution."

An Evolution is the process of:

  • Confronting limits-usually these are fears and doubts
  • Shattering them by doing the unthinkable--literally
  • Equipping yourself with expanded powers
  • Using these powers to make things better-your life, the world text

I am not speaking metaphorically. In the world of elite special forces and extreme sports, there are no metaphors. Nor do I refer to the corporate HR humbug of "empowerment."

Training Evolution is about learning as sheer as the north face, as wild as the class VI rapids that dare you to stay in the water when every molecule in your body is screaming to get out now.

When people are trained like that, their terminal learning objective is concrete and succinct: "At the conclusion of this Training Evolution, you will be able to do anything you set your mind to." At the risk of a beautiful death, you'll live an extraordinary life.

-Bob Becker