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    Scott Perkins

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HSE CLIENT, CANCER SURVIVOR, and MOUNTAIN BIKE RACER Fred Spring comes in 7th place overall Men's Solo Category at the 2005 24 Hours of Adrenaline at Conyers, GA. Read brief description here, plus more pics

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What Our Clients are Saying:

“As a highschool wrestling coach, I am in constant pursuit of teaching aids for my athletes. I want them to achieve everything possible on the mat and in life. There is not a “product” out there in any catalog that can give me the results I’m striving for. Hairy Scary Evolutions is not something you buy. It’s something you experience. Jono Senk will go to the ends of the earth to create the ultimate experience for your needs. He fully understands the BIG picture of being an individual and working as a team. Life is not a game of tip toeing around things. You need to attack, adapt, and overcome. HSE puts you in situations others spend a lifetime avoiding. Our experience has been tremendous. My young athletes are learning how to cope with fear, fatigue, excitement, and adversity. That’s what life is about. You won’t find the solution in a bottle on a shelf. You have to live it. Hairy Scary Evolutions ignites the fire that dwells inside all of us! Thanks Jono for showing us the way.”
-- Bradach, William G

Thanks very much for a much learned weekend on my part. You are a great teacher (Jedi Warrior!!!). As I mentioned, I have moved on to thinking about self rescue strategies and redundancy. With the paddling, I look at rivers a bit differently as well and have some great foundation to build from. Bill Phluegher was a fantastic resource for navigation so nice choice. I think Dan and I are off to a great start
in our prep for Primal Quest 2008. Looking forward to working with you in the future.
M. Chris Decker M.D.
Associate Professor
Medical College of Wisconsin
Director of Clinical Services
Department of Emergency Medicine
Froedtert Hospital
Milwaukee WI

"I was introduced to Hairy Scary Evolutions when Runner's World recognized it as one of the best adventure racing camps in the country. Up to that point, my best friend and I had been searching for the perfect outdoor adventure. I knew once I called Jono, we had found it! I felt pretty confident going in that I could handle anything Jono and his teammate, Sammy, could toss out...well, let me tell ya, I learned more than I ever could have imagined. Jono and Sammy were able to reinforce mental attitude and character strength through physical challenges and team effort. Because of my experience with Hairy Scary Evolutions, I can honestly say I have a stronger perspective of my abilities and what I can accomplish. Jono's ability to assist others in realizing their full potential is unparalleled! Thank you, Jono, for your committment to bringing out the BEST in others!"
-- Amy L. Brown

"I have been Adventure Racing at the Highest level for several years now and have completed some of the toughest and scariest races the world has to offer , including the Eco-Challenge, New Zealand and the Raid Gaulousis, Vietnam. In all the races I've experianced nothing compared to the thrill and excitement I experianced when I spent a day w/ Jono and Hairy Scary Evolutions in North Carolina. For those people who think you have to train for years, spend thousands of dollers and travel to exotic locations to experiance a extreme "Life Experiance", Think again!! Hairy Scary Evolutions provides this and much more in your own backyard.
-- Neal Radford, International Adventure Racer, Team Explorer; Team Lost World Adventures

"The first time I met Jono and one of his friends for a training evolution, I had no idea what in the world I was in for and I was never the same person after that. I had the best, most exciting experience I've ever had in a workout in my life. You will NEVER be bored, NEVER feel you were short changed, and you will drive away wondering what in the world just happened to you. If you want to get in the best shape of your life and have a blast doing it -- you have come to the right place and you will be hooked FOREVER. If you want to learn about the world of adventure racing, you will have the best, most enthusiastic teachers you will find anywhere -- you will LOVE it. Give them a good look -- look outside the boring gym!!!!"
-- Rebecca Cardin

"Jono is the hairiest, scariest motivator out there. He believed in me, and expected a lot from me, and the next thing I new, I was jumping backwards off a cliff, having the time of my life! If you're gonna go, go with Jono."
-- Dave Sloan

"The staff of Hairy Scary Evolutions had many great ideas for our First Annual Back to the Chattahoochee Race & Festival. Even faced with a rainy day, they got the Race off on time! Bigger Badder Better Braver Bolder, they have a good sense of humor."
-- Bill Crawford, Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper

"Raceday considered Hairy Scary to completely organize the ropework section for the 2003 North Georgia Adventure Race. From a professional perspective during Raceday's preparation for the NGAR, Hairy Scary provided us invaluable advice from their seemingly endless experience in adventure racing and outdoor adventure activities."
-- Tony Berwald, RaceDay Company, Inc.

"Hairy Scary Evolutions offers a wide range of training venues for the individual looking for a variation to their normal workout regime . I personally utilized HSE when I was looking for specific training for the Beast of the East Adventure Race in 2002. It was my first adventure race and quite an undertaking so I needed a really strong base to be able to accomlish what I needed for this race. Jono Senk certified me on ropes and paddling and river swim through a series of sessions called evolutions that lasted from 3 hours to 8 hours. He also ran me through the course on mountain biking enough to familiarize me with how difficult it was going to be for me at the Beast. Jono gave me invaluable tips on training on my own and on racing techniques . He was extremely supportive and let me know that even though the Beast was a real monster, that I would do fine with the background he had given me. I have had a chance since the Beast to work with HSE, setting the ropes for USARA Championship at Sapphire Valley NC and found the organization to continue to operate with high professionalism and great enthusiasm."
-- Vernon C. Winter

"I could not have asked for a better adventure racing coach. HSE was there for me from the start of the day, focusing on the proper equipment and always concern with safe rigging, and finished the day making sure I was a little more educated with my techniques and myself."
--L. von Oldenburg

"One of the evolutions put several AR skills to the test. We started at 4 in the afternoon, after working on climbing skills until 7, a group set out on a course designed by Hairy Scary to test our paddling, running, and biking skills. Throughout the night, we paddled 5 hours, ran an hour and biked for another 2 hours. We gained insights on what equipment worked, fueling strategies, team dynamics, and night navigation."
--Ken Burkey

"Not only did Jono and his team ensure we knew the fundamentals of rappelling/ascending and the safety requirements, he helped build our confidence. Not just with the ropes work, but as racers. He pushed and motivated my team to go beyond our physical and mental "comfort zone". We have gone from being middle of the pack finishers, to top three contenders. Thanks Jono!"
-- Colleen Pitts

"Whether your an experienced racer or someone new to the sport and looking for an adventure, the instructors are top notch. They are energetic, motivating, encouraging and experienced. They really put on a great program that will help enable you to accomplish your goals."
-- Jeff McNeill

Evaluate. Decide. Go. EVOLVE!