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Cotopaxi (19,347 feet)
Cotopaxi is Equadors second highest peak but by far it's most popular mountain. A beautifully symmetrical mountain located just hours from the capital city of Quito, Cotopaxi experiences consistently better weather that the rest of the big Equadorian mountains. Another hut based climb, we will be climbing directly out of the Jose' Ribas hut located at 15,750ft. Our route is the standard or Normal Route. A heavily glaciated peak with numerous crevaces and seracs and terrain approaching 50 degree in angle the Normal Route is a challenging and rewarding climb. We acclimate first with a mountain biking trip through beautiful Cotopaxi National Park and then a climb of 15,400ft Ruminahui.

On a side note: Cotopaxi was incorporated into the course of the Raid Galluois adventure race. One of the most challenging adventure races on earth, 'The Raid' attracts some of the fittest racers on earth. The course organizers, however, underestimated the challenge that a climb of Cotopaxi presents. With nearly every team failing to reach the summit and famed racer Ian Adamson alone and reduced to tears on the summit organizers removed the climb as a mandatory part of the race, allowing racers to bypass this section. Do not underestimate the challenges of climbing a mountain of this size.

Chimborazo (20,702 feet)
Equadors highest peak is a hulking mass that in the early 18th century was thought by European explorers to be the tallest mountain in the world, standing nearly a mile higher than anything in the Alps it's no wonder! We base out of the Whymper Hut at 16,400ft and climb Chimborazo via the Castillo route. We will be traveling almost entirely on glaciers with numerous crevace crossing and one very short,steep "Step" to gain the upper mountain. The upper portion of the route ascends a broad ridge with great exposure below and spectacular views of many of the high Andes peaks rising through the cloud tops.

Once we ascend this section a long traverse leads to the spectacular summit. We acclimate with mountain biking in Cotopaxi National Park and a trip to the beautiful climbers hut on the flanks of 18,900ft Cayambe where we will spend two nights and make a day hike to Punta Jarrin and onto the Cayambe Glacier.

A trip that combines ascents of Cotopaxi and Chimborazo is available, on this program we acclimate and climb as for Cotopaxi then travel directly to Chimborazo. These peaks offer fantastic and varied climbing within the heart of the high Andes mountain range. A successful ascent of either peak is a rewarding and often life changing experience.

Detailed itineraries, conditioning guidelines, packing lists, and references are available on request.

Itineraries are subject to change based on weather, route conditions, and team strength.

Atlanta Alpine Guides will make every effort to keep members informed and allow them to participate in much of the decision making process, however, SAFETY is our number one priority when climbing. Atlanta Alpine reserves the right to remove team members or turn team members back from a climb that are judged by guides to be physically or mentally unfit, who through action or inaction cause a dangerous situation, or through their actions or behavior undermine team strength or safety. Decisions regarding safety are made for everyones benefit, they are not negotiable and are to be followed immediately and without question.

Group discounts are available. Please contact us for more information.