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Testimonials for Atlanta Alpine Guides

"I have known Scott Perkins for many years on a personal and professional level. He has been a longtime customer, climbing partner and friend. We have done many trips together and Scott has always shown extraordinary care, competence and safety. His resume includes numerous successful ascents in the US, Mexico and South America. He is equally knowledgeable, adept and skilled in all manner of ice, snow and rock climbing, and has an excellent sense of judgement in the mountains. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking a guide or wishing to learn rock and ice skills."
- Chris Watford - climber, guide, guidebook author, owner Call Of The Wild climbing shop

"...I am looking forward to learning more about the sport of mountaineering and cannot imagine being able to find someone else more capable and knowledgeable than Scott and certainly not anyone that I trust more in the unpredictable conditions that can sometimes arise from the sport of mountaineering. Knowing Scott the way I do and knowing his concerns for safety I felt completely at ease entrusting my family and friends safety with Scott."
- Carl Soriano - client

In regards to Scott Perkins, a close friend and multi-talented individual. Scott has always proven himself the consummate professional, prepared not just for himself but anticipating the needs of others. My climbing and guiding experience has been spaced over 25+ years, I have come to recognize the qualities that separate mediocre from merely OK, Scott is exceptional. Scott's climbing resume is quite distinct and varied, his success rate and safety record unblemished from Seattle to Argentina. Scott's fitness level is legendary within our community as well as his ability to endure with optimism and motivation. Scott leads at the 5.11 level and climbs high grade ice in less than optimal settings. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone seeking a quality guide.
- Bob Ordner - climber, guide

...Scott led six novice climbers on Mexico's Pico de Orizaba. Without his skills in guiding individuals in pursuit of lofty objectives, not one of us would have summated this mountain. In times of trouble Scott handled, prodded and lead from the front. He transformed a novice group of individuals into a tightly bound team. He displayed not only great individual strength and stamina but the ability to take us out of our comfort zones and into the great sport of mountaineering.
- Robert Mason - client