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EDGE Fitness Adventure Training

What is EDGE Fitness?
EDGE Fitness goes way beyond the scope of a traditional gym routine; it is a personal growth and development program that stresses total body and mind. EDGE stands for Evaluate, Decide, Go, Evolve. EDGE is a system for confronting life problems and succeeding with confidence.

Every EDGE Fitness customer will have unique life goals, such as fitness, weight loss, confidence and self-esteem, teamwork principles and trust, or even adventure. Through EDGE, you will learn to identify your goals, acknowledge your fears, and then conquer them with physical and mental acuity.

EDGE Fitness is more than just a killer workout, it is a personal growth and development program that stresses total body and mind.

EDGE Fitness Custom Workout Module - $90 per person (1.5 hours)
Depending on clients specific fitness goals EDGE fitness incorporates many different elements to strengthen upper body, lower body, and cardiovascular capacity. This is a fast-paced training Evolution that incorporates high and low technical Trail Running, Rapid Power Paddling/Kayaking, and Rappelling. If you are tired of the same old gym enviorment and work out let the EDGE Fitness Instructors take your mental and physical conditioning to a stratospheric level. No Prior experience in any of the aforementioned disciplines is needed. This training is like nothing else you have ever done before!

EDGE Fitness Packages: Sign up for multiple outings and receive a discount
3 Sessions at $75, save $45
6 Sessions at $70, save $120

EDGE Fitness Packages also include a free personal workout evaluation. We will meet with you to discuss your fitness goals and then tailor a program to help you achieve them.

Discounting is available for groups!

EDGE Fitness - River, Rocks, Running: $200 - one student; $175 per student - groups of 2 or more
River, Rocks, and Running incorporates rappelling, trekking, and river paddling in a 4 hour fitness Evolution that stresses confidence, cool headedness in the face of stress, and a determination to succeed. This Evolution is a fantastic teambuilding experience for groups.

EDGE SystemSM: Evaluate. Decide. Go. EVOLVE!