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Group Evolutions
From the boardroom to the classroom, many individuals - despite their immense talent and intellect - fail to overcome everyday obstacles and achieve their greatest potential. Our leadership training programs are custom tailored for each client and combine physical activities with mental coaching, leadership drills, and teambuilding activities. Our success rate speaks for itself: we've trained corporations, youth groups, church groups, collegiate organizations - even Eco-Challenge teams. You will overcome your physical and mental limitations and achieve 10 times what you thought you could. You will learn that there is always a way. And you will confront your fears and conquer them.

To design your own Group Evolution, please contact us.

Download the liability release waiver. Your signature is required before each Evolution.

Special Packages
Team Challenge Evolution: This Evolutions includes rope work challenges, zip lines, endurance and strength drills, and trail navigation to test mental and physical tenacity. Teamwork is the only way you'll succeed.

Intro to Rappeling: Learn rappelling and ascending techniques. Overcome your fears, increase self confidence, and build trust in each other.

Women Only Evolutions
HSE believes that individuals, male AND female, can accomplish more than they thought they could accomplish.

Society teaches women to nurture not conquer. This leads women to shy away from the unknown or the dangerous instead of embracing and being strengthened by these experiences.

Our Women Only Evolutions are based on our regular skills training and development courses but are restricted to females only, in order to maximize the group learning experience. Please contact us for program options and scheduling.

Read the article: Adventure sports help individuals overcome fear, gain confidence.

Youth Leadership Programs
Those who learn the secrets of success early have a big head start in life. Adolescence brings a whole new set of distrations to young adults' lives. Teenagers know what their priorities should be, but between school and activities, the stresses of everyday life cause many teens to lose focus of their ambitions and goals in life.

HSE tailors its youth programs to be fun and definitely challenging, while also instilling discipline, confidence, and self-esteem.

Please contact us for program options and scheduling.