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Hairy Scary Evolutions™ Introduces New Extreme Training Approach To Atlanta Market

(ATLANTA) August 7, 2002 - Atlanta-based extreme outfitter Hairy Scary Evolutions will be featured on CNN Headline News' first ever "Adventure Week" series scheduled to air on Wednesday, August 7, 2002. Part three in a five part series, the Hairy Scary Evolutions team is featured taking CNN Headline News on location to a 200+ foot gorge rappel in the North Carolina mountains.

"'Adventure Week' takes a glimpse at the growing extreme adventure sports market and shows that you don't have to be extraordinary to get extreme," said Kris Osborn, primetime general assignment anchor for CNN Headline News. "Covering a 300 foot gorge rappel through a waterfall was a first for my crew and me - both personally and professionally. Hairy Scary Evolutions took what seemed impossible, and made it an experience that I will never forget."

For "Adventure Week," CNN approached Hairy Scary Evolutions for its "E.D.G.E Training"™ concepts to demonstrate expertise in "Big Air/Waterfall Rappelling and Ascending." For the piece, Hairy Scary Evolutions takes the CNN anchor and film crew on an E.D.G.E Training Evolution, focusing on rock and waterfall climbing, rappelling and ascending.

Hairy Scary Evolutions takes a unique approach to extreme sports and experiental training, focusing on helping students develop high impact confidence and skills that push their personal limits past their E.D.G.E. (Evaluate, Decide, Go, Evolve).

"We approach extreme adventures as more than a sport," said Jono Senk, founder and the "Chief Hairy Scary" for Hairy Scary Evolutions. "Our E.D.G.E training creates a paradigm shift-Hairy Scary Evolutions challenges individuals to accomplish more than they ever thought they could, should or would. Whitewater kayaking, waterfall rappelling and ascending, rock climbing and adventure racing are just a few platforms that we use with individuals and groups so they understand that their abilities and life potential are far greater than they ever could imagine."

The launch of the 'Adventure Week' series also signifies the official launch of the Hairy Scary Evolutions official Web site. The segment is schedule to air throughout the day on CNN Headline News on August 7, 2002, with a live interview scheduled for 6:30 and 9:30 p.m. Photographs taken during the CNN shoot at the gorge can be viewed online at www.hairyscaryevolutions.com.

About Hairy Scary Evolutions
The Hairy Scary Evolutions primary mission it to take the ordinary, everyday person, male or female of any age, on extraordinary adventures. E.D.G.E. Training breaks through personal limitations by challenging individuals with high-impact, multi-disciplinary extreme experiences. Using an unconventional, high-impact approach to personal training and coaching, Hairy Scary Evolutions shows individuals that their own potential, physically and mentally, is absolutely limitless.

Recognizing the impact that extreme sports have on the human psyche, Hairy Scary Evolutions founder Jono Senk created Evolution E.D.G.E Training to provide situations for individuals to push beyond their self-limiting comfort zones. With a foundation in extreme sports, adventure racing and paramedicine, Hairy Scary Evolutions integrates these principles through training evolutions for individuals and groups. For more information about Hairy Scary Evolutions, visit the Web site at www.hairyscaryevolutions.com.


More about CNN Headline News primetime general assignment anchor Kris Osborn can be found at http://www.cnn.com/CNN/anchors_reporters/headline/osborn.kris.html.