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This is my story. It has a great ending. I competed in my first 24-hour endurance mountain bike race in October because I said I would. I set an objective (not a New Year's resolution -- that I would forget about after 3 weeks!) to challenge and push myself physically beyond anything I'd ever done. Then I did something smart. I hired a trainer. I hired HairyScary Evolutions to teach me how to ride a mountain bike and how to train for and compete in an extreme event.

I set my sights on riding Solo at the "24 Hours of Adrenaline" race at the Olympic Course in Conyers, GA. This gave me almost 8 months to train and to learn.

I am grateful that Jono Senk took his job seriously. I was pushed and I was given all the resources I needed to compete at a very high level. This included early morning rides and Edge Fitness training. Jono ramped up my physical self, my mountain bike skills, and my mental toughness. He set aggressive training regimens (the likes of which I'd never do for myself, I would've eased up a bit when it got tough).

All of this preparation and training allowed me to complete 18 laps in just over 24.5 hours. My support team did all the work. I just pedaled and pushed and pedaled. I also had fun. The 24-hour race was something I would never have envisioned before this year. As a cancer survivor I do not take things for granted any more. This race is one event I'll never forget.

I finished 7th in the race. Wow.
Bigger, badder, bolder, braver - now I know what that all means.