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Corporate Team Building
Today's workplace demands greater productivity and efficiency than ever before. To stay competitive, your employees must possess more than just the latest skills: they must function as a cohesive team. Unfortunately, teams don't come together by accident, and they don't gel overnight. If you want high impact results, you need a high-impact team bonding experience.

Hairy Scary Evolutions EDGE SystemSM Team Building approach uses adventure-based experiences to enhance leadership and communications skills, initiative. This approach promotes optimum self-sufficiency when working within a group dynamic and necessitates the use of team problem solving.

Perhaps you have a project team kickoff, a company reorganization, or a new product launch. Our team can help you identify your Team Building needs and then custom tailor a Team Building Evolution to help your team reach its maximum potential. Your employees will learn to rely on each other and earn a sacred trust. Success can come no other way. You will unlock the true leadership potential in your employees and be surprised to see individuals rise to each challenge.

Free Consultation
Our first meeting with you is a free consultation in which we will listen to your goals and needs in order to design a custom Team Building experience for your employees. Please contact us to set up a meeting.

Sample Packages
EDGE SystemSM Team Building Evolutions may include any combination of adventure sports components, team challenges, and classroom instruction. Our experienced staff can even adapt your Evolution to help you reinforce your company ideals or new company initiatives.

We'll divide your employees into unlikely teams. A series of events will test their abilities to divide tasks, work to each others strenths, improve their weaknesses, and accomplish the task at hand. Teamwork is the only way they'll succeed. Just when they figure out how work together, they'll form new teams and start over. Our fast-paced Team Building Evolutions incorporate adventure sports elements such as trekking, navigation, rope work, paddling, or biking. Overcome your fears, increase self-confidence, and build trust in each other in order to complete the task at hand.